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The 14th 8th Dan All Japan kendo championship

will be will be held this April 17th, 2016 at the Nakamura sport center in Nagoya.

Last year Kazuo Furukawa at the age of 63 took first place  over Toshiya Ishida in second with 53 years of age followed by Masahiro Miyazaki and Yosuke Yamanaka in third place.

Click bellow to see and get to know this year’s  competitors:

14th All Japan 8th Dan Kendo championship Competitors

01 Aichi Prefecture Kyoshi 8th Dan Yoshimi Azuma 59-year-old

02 Hyogo Prefecture Kyoshi 8th Dan Sato Katsurasei 63-year-old

03 Saga PrefectureKyoshi 8th DanMasahiro Inatomi55-year-old

04 Tokyo Kyoshi 8th DanKurita KazuIchiro59-year-old

05 Ibaraki Prefecture Kyoshi8th DanKoda KoriShigeru58-year-old

06 Nara Prefecture Kyoshi8th DanHayato Matsuda58-year-old

07 Kumamoto Prefecture Kyoshi8th DanShinji Shimizu58-year-old

08 Hokkaido Hanshi 8th DanKazuo Furukawa61-year-old

09 Gifu Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanTakayo Shimojima one61-year-old

10 Yamanashi Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanHideharu Sakata54-year-old

11 Kanagawa PrefectureKyoshi 8th DanKasamura Koji64-year-old

12 Osaka prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanHiroshi Kanzaki55-year-old

13 Fukuoka Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanKiyota KoHiroshi56-year-old

14 Tottori Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanYosuke Yamanaka55-year-old

15 Tokyo Hanshi 8th DanHiroyuki Tsukamoto62-year-old

16 Kagawa Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanMasashi Matsumoto53-year-old

17 Aichi Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanTetsuhiko Okochi55-year-old

18 Oita Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanKasadani Koichi55-year-old

19 Kanazawa Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanMasahiro Miyazaki53-year-old

20 Osaka prefecture Hanshi 8th DanYoshifumi Ishizuka65-year-old

21 Fukushima Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanKoichi Hasegawa61-year-old

22 Kumamoto Prefecture Hanshi 8th DanToru Kamei61-year-old

23 Gunma Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanKatsuhiko Tani58-year-old

24 Shiga Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanShigematsu Takashi63-year-old

25 Tokushima Kyoshi 8th DanSeiji Hirano52-year-old

26 Tokyo Kyoshi 8th DanToshiya Ishida54-year-old

27 Kyoto Kyoshi 8th DanIwao Fujimoto64-year-old

28 Shizuoka Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanMasahiro Koyama54-year-old

29 Aichi Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanYamazaki Takashi58-year-old

30 Shimane Prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanTakagi HiroshiShin61-year-old

31 Osaka prefecture Kyoshi 8th DanFunatsu ShinjiSixty

32 Saitama Prefecture Kyoshi8th DanNorio Osawa56-year-old


Tickets are already for sell and can be purchased at the All Japan Kendo Federation website.  If you are not in japan at the time of the event, Sign up for our news letter to stay tuned for the live stream link.

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