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Spring Kendo Kodansha Examination.

Just a friendly reminder, if you are planing to be in the United States in April;  the All United States Kendo Federation will host the  2016 Spring Kendo Kodansha promotion examination,

It will be this upcoming April 10th and registration deadline is March 28th.

Also the day prior to the examination on April 9th (Sat)  there will be a Godo Keiko (5:00 pm to 6:00 pm) hosted.

You can find the information, registration package, and written test in our Kendo Events (North America), or in the AUSKF website.

Here is some information from the AUSKF regarding the requirements and expectations for this test based on the rank you are applying for:

“Godan: starting with the Godan examination the candidate must truly exhibit the use of seme and ken-sen to create the moment of attack. Often failure is caused by the candidate doing shiai style of keiko and trying to win points. One must demonstrate the control of the center, the opponents spirit, and mastery of the footwork and shinai. The Kendo must be logical without unnecessary strikes and actions. The strike is followed by zanshin that is true mental alertness. 

Rokudan: the same as Godan, but even more, the ri-ai must be demonstrated. Strong control of the center, efficient use of waza and footwork, mental control of the opponent and situation. 

Nanadan: all aspects of the previous ranks must be present and an essence of dignity that speaks to quality Kendo. This dignity shows both on and off the court in the persons life.

Kodansha Kendo is not only just winning a strong shiai, strong keiko or beating an opponent in the shinsa. You must express your Kendo with the correct kamae, strong ken-sen, reasonable ma-ai, smooth flowing footwork, body movement and a strong, smooth stroke in your strikes. This must be performed in one rhythm with sharp te-no-uchi.”

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