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Bogu cleaning and Rejuvenation Project. Part 1

bogu cleaning

Taking care and keeping your equipment clean and safe is a big part of the etiquette in Kendo. Therefore I want to share a little bit of a project I’ve been working on lately regarding Kendo bogu cleaning.

With time and sweat kendo bogu builds up white patches of salt and plaque, but also bacteria builds up.

The Men I am washing has previously been washed with soap so I wanted to avoid using soap for this specific reason. From a previous post I got the idea of soap free cleaning method and you can see on the video bellow how much built bacteria is being killed by the hydrogen peroxide.

As you can see the white area that quickly builds up after damping the futon is the hydrogen peroxide reacting with the bacteria.

I personally repeated this process for several times and then rinse it out with water and light brushing of the fabric (If you do brush the Men, it is recommended to do it on the same direction of the stitching, and be mindful this could also take away some of the dye off).

I then placed the Men in a well ventilated area with a fan and periodically used a hairdryer to speed up the process sightly.

Here are some before and after pictures of the Men after being cleaned. (also the smell is quite different)

If you are going to try to do this to your kendo bogu, be mindful that many bogu are made from different material and this may or may not help to kill the smell of your bogu, and also may remove some of the dye.

I recommend doing it first slightly on an area that is not visible. I personally did it more on the inside rather than the outside; for the outside I mostly used water and brushing.

There are many different ways to clean bogu and some work better than other depending on the materials of your bogu. Please if you are going to try this be mindful and inform your self on what is your bogu made out of.


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Thank you for reading!