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Training your mind to go forward. Kakarigeiko

I ran into this video and just reminded me to look back on the reason of doing kakarigeiko and how to properly do it. So I went back to my copy of “Kendo – Approaches for All Levels” which I mentioned in posts before.

One of the points that Honda Sensei mentions in his book is the use of kakarigeiko to improve fighting spirit as well as mental strength.

Kakarigeiko gives an opportunity for us to learn to go forward without hesitation or worry about what your opponent may do. It is important that both motodachi and kakarite are knowledgable on how to do kakarigiko.

Motodachi’s role is to “ensure that kakarigeiko runs smoothly and that kakarilte benefits from practice.” Although many dojos use kakarigeiko as a punishment, kakarigeiko brings many benefits and should always be practiced correctly.

According to the Japanese-English Dictionary of Kendo kakarigeiko is “the keiko method where the trainee for a short period practices striking the motodachi with all his/her might using all the waza learned, and without thinking of being struck and dodged.”

Here is a good example for motodachi and kakarite  of Kakarigeiko. I hope this video can be a good example and of help for those who never done kakarigeiko or are not sure on how to do it.

Again if you want to know a more specific and detailed explanation on how to do Kakarigeiko and different drills with it to help your kendo improvement I recommend Kendo – Approaches for All Levels

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