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Kamae, back to basics.

Kamae is one of the first things we learn in kendo, and one that we keep constantly working on.

I keep working on finding the best and most effective way to polish and use my kamae during regular practice and tournament.


Here is an interesting video of Kyung-nam Kim sensei explaining the way the “He” does kamae, which I found interesting since he breaks down his Kamae and explains what he does different. 



This second Video is a basic breakdown of how to do kamae from the Phnom Penh Kendo Club Youtube channel. If you are looking on the basics of body posture, shinai placement, and basic motion here you can see the basics of Kamae.

If you haven’t already check out Alex Bennett’s new book Kendo: Culture of the Sword. A great read touching on the history of Kendo.


Thank you for checking out my page and hope you enjoyed the videos.  Check out if you haven’t this Kendo Vs Naginata Post, Interesting Video.