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Kendo 8th Dan Test video with Slow Motion.

February 2016, 28 at  Sendai City Aoba Gymnasium the kendo 8th Dan examination took place, out of 361 kenshi who participated only 2 were able to succeed in achieving the rank of 8th Dan. Making it a 0.6% pass rate for this examination.

The following video is of one of the two kenshi who attained the rank of 8th Dan this past February.

Notice not only the technical proficiency but also timing, patience, and tenacity of the strikes.


Both Kenshi who passed this year were from Saitama and attained this rank at the age of 46.

This year on April 17  the 14th Annual All Japan 8th Dan Kendo Taikai will take place. You can find this and many others events around the world at our kendo events page.

For more information you can also visit the All Japan Kendo Federation website.

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