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Kote re-palm, Kendo video gallery

Kote re-palm is probably the most popular repair in kendo,  Kote are the piece of equipment of the kendo bogu that are exposed the most to sweat, constant rubbing, hitting, etc.   This makes the Kote the part of the bogu that takes the most damage and punishment during kendo practice, and Kote re-palm tends to be the most common thing that we can do to extend the life spam of our Kote.

Repairs and replacement are always needed, some people say that for every 1 Men you will need 2 or 3 pair of Kote (This of course can vary depending on your practice style and how much care do you take of your equipment).

Some of the few things that we can do to extend the life of our Kote are:

  • Allow them to fully dry before each practice.
  • Wipe them clean after practice.
  • Repair minor holes and tears as soon as you notice them.
  • Have 2 or 3 pairs of Kote and rotate between them (this will help on allowing the Kote to dry).
  • If the palm leather is stiff, soften it with some water before practice.

One of the biggest aspects associated with Kote repair is the Re-palming of the Kote.

For many Kenshi around the world getting their Kote re-palmed by a bogu professional may be either unaccessible or too expensive. In some cases getting a new pair is cheaper than sending Kote away to repair  and getting them back. For this reason here is a series of videos demonstrating how to re-palm Kote.






I personally have not tried this, but I hope it can be helpful for someone to have this information. I am sure that if you don’t feel that you have the ability to do a Kote re-palm, you can show these videos to a professional leather worker and they could figure out how to repair your Kote ar a cheaper price than it may cost you to send them away.

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