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15 Kendo terms in Japanese to help you find more content!

Because Kendo is not so popular as it is in Japan, many times we find our self having little contact with high level kenshi. We tend to need to do much research online to help us improve and learn. Even though now you are able to find many videos  and much information on kendo online, there is a big source of knowledge that I have noticed not that many people explore.

Today I simply want to share a tip I got a while back that has helped me find more information and better videos to improve my kendo online. Simply:

Type your Kendo searches in Japanese

This may be an obvious advise but quite honestly it took me a while to learn to do it efficiently, specially when I knew less Japanese thank I know now. Before all I could do was copy and paste in YouTube the kanji for Kendo (剣道) and hope something good would show up. So with this tip, If it’s helpful to you I want to share 15 Kendo terms written in Japanese to help you find better content.  You can copy, paste, and combine many of the terms I am posting in order to help you expand your online searches.



剣道: Kendo
技: Waza.
引き技: Hiki Waza
面抜き面: Men Nuki Men.
小手: Kote
面: Men
胴打ち :Do, Do Uchi
擦り上げ: Suri age
払い: Harai
出ばな: Debana
逆胴:Gyaku dō

If there is any other terms you want to find please write me at, please like and share your results in our Facebook page.

Thank you for reading!!!