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Kendo tools to make your life easier, what are yours?

This weekend I wanted to remove the Himo from my Dou, because it’s been a while since I’ve changed them it was a bit hard to remove them at first.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you some of the tools I use to make repairs on my shinai and Kendo equipment.

All these tools have helped me with fix things faster or just get better results. So here is a list of my Kendo travel repair kit:


Thread and needles:

for patching kote (I don’t have the skills or the patience to replaced the palm of the Kote).


Use it to loosen himo, strings, making holes, or just making the wholes slightly bigger to pass strings thru easier. ( See video bellow to see some uses).

Bonsai Scissors  :

I like these because they are very sharp and easy to handle, also they cut through pretty much any leather and himo easily.


Shinai Fixing tool:

I think the title says it all and what is used for. The one I use has the shaving tool as well as a two texture file.

2 texture Sanding Sponge: 

This I use after using the shinai fixing tool in order to make the bamboo smother, I start with the rougher side then the finer side (great for avoiding splinters and so on).


Super Glue:

Obvious uses.  A less obvious use is coating the areas where you sanded off splinters from your shinai (after you oil the bamboo). This provides a coating that avoids moisture to leave the shinai. I don’t know how true that is but I’ve been told that once the bamboo is bing sanded off, moisture tends to leave the shinai from that area making it dryer faster.


Multitool knife:

I use it for any other miscellaneous cuts, specially during practice, seminars, and tournaments since I have it apart from my tool bag and with easy access.


Here is a video of some of the uses I have for the Awl, I hope is useful to you.


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