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Hand made Leather bokken and shinai tsuba and chichikawa.

I never been a fan of writing reviews, but I realize how useful they have been to me when making a purchase, specially online. For that reason I want to start sharing some of my experiences with different kendo related products that I have tried.

This is not sponsored post and I’m giving my honest and true opinion.

For this review I want to talk about a hand made leather tsuba for Boken and shinai, and a set of leather chichikawa from or (depending if you are in America or Europe).


Normally I tend to stay away from this kind of leather tsuba. In my experience they tend to be thick and bulky.  These tsubas were the exception, from the moment I unpacked them I was impressed.

 The Shinai Tsuba

The shinai tsuba is very good looking, slim, light, and durable. I’ve had it for over 6 months and I’ve been using them consistently.  There has been some wear damage as expected, but it’s holding up pretty nicely without any fading or losing it’s shape. The tsuba has the right size and thickness like a regular tsuba, making it to me feel natural during regular practice, keiko or shiai. Also the level of detail and craftsmanship is superb.

The boken tsuba

This tsuba  like the shinai, looks great. Since it doesn’t go through constant hitting it looks just the way it did the day I got it. The fit is exact and it doesn’t move at all through practice. Again I have not experience any warping, bending, or fading.

The Men Chichikawa

The last item from is the handmade leather chichikawa. This is probably my favorite accessory at the moment. It looks great but it’s not too flashy. The natural leather color gives a great contrast with the men and of course it has a great smell when you first get them!
They are kind of hard at the beginning, but with a few practices they set in just fine in the Men.


All of the items I mentioned can be customized. They can accommodate many designs given by you and any modifications you may want to make. When purchasing keep in mind the thickness of your shinai since you can’t expand it after you received it. You will need to provide them with the thickness of your tsuka, so also keep this in mind if you are giving it as a present.

If you are looking to buy a handmade leather tsuba I hope you find this helpful, and please share your experience with any other products!

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