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The details in Kendo part 1 – Himo Shortening

Many Kendo clubs don’t have the privilege of Having a high ranking sensei to demonstrate some of the important details to upcoming students, and one obvious thing that separates the beginners from the experienced kenshi is the knowledge and attention to certain details.

After all one of the reasons why an older Sensei can overpower a young Kenshi  is because of their attention to details in changes and subtle movements and capitalize on the moment they make a mistake.

Some of us get so caught up on learning new techniques or researching different drills that  we tend to overlook or forget the details that don’t necessarily  affect directly our kendo performance , although in some cases it might (For example during shinsa if your uniform is not on correctly it can cause you to fail the examination).


If you notice high ranking sensei, they all pay attention to how they put on their uniform, and the condition of their bogu and equipment.

I would like to start sharing some details that I feel are some times unknown or they are just simply not emphasized and reminded to kenshi as they start moving up in rank.

In this article I will mention some of the Kendo details that are related to the Men Himo.

First when putting your Men on, the Himo should lay flat on top of your Men, and not twisted or on top of each other.

When making the knot  behind your head, the loops and the remaining Himo should be of equal length. After tying your Men, the total length of all the Men Himo should be under 40 cm.

If you don’t know how to shorten your Himo, or want a refresher, here is a video showing how to cut them, secure the threads, and straightening the threads when you are done.



If you already knew this information, pass it along because it is not uncommon to see kenshi who have no idea of these details. Share with us some of the details you think are important to know but people forget through our Facebook page or email us at

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